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Bathroom Choose Bai Jing Glass Glass Jan 10, 2017

When a variety of sophisticated shower products are becoming popular with consumers as well as shower room toughened glass since the explosive issue has been plaguing consumers. So, how to make bathroom glass safer? This is a focus of social problems. Experts say that tempered blasting cannot be avoided, but through the use of Bai Jing glass products glass burst rate can be reduced to one out of 10,000, and fundamentally solve the problem of tempered glass explode. At present, the burst rate for ordinary glass 3-5‰, Bai Jing glass burst rate of only 0. 1, therefore, Bai Jing glass is currently the world's self-lowest rate, safe glass.

Chinese architectural glass and technical glass Association experts, technical director of the CSG architectural glass Xu Wuyi pointed out: though tempered glass self cannot be avoided, but through a special technology, the Bai Jing glass can significantly reduce the burst rate. "Ordinary glass 3 ‰ after-the burst rate of 5 per thousand, and Bai Jing glass is a highly transparent low-iron glass, due to fewer impurities, burst rate can be reduced to 0. 1 per thousand. ”

Bai Jing removed glass with world-class mineral processing technology for magnetic materials iron, nickel and other impurities and more homogeneous glass structure more stable, burst rate is 10 times lower than the ordinary glass, which make the shower more secure. Meanwhile, Bai Jing after aircraft-grade glass deep processing of float, by test of low temperature, high temperature resistance, without reducing the light transmission rate of cases, compared with ordinary glass is more acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, mould-resistant and other advantages, durability.