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How To Determine The Size Of Shower Room Jan 26, 2018

Shower room size is based on the size of the bathroom, choose the right shower room products. Large space can be comfortable from the perspective of a loose shower, with a variety of options, and space is small to take full advantage of the area, choose some less push-pull design and interior design, combined with the shelf to take full advantage of space. In the choice of style should also take into account the overall effect of the shower and bathroom with the choice of shape (such as corner or arc-shaped) and wash basin and toilet shape should be coordinated as far as possible, a reasonable layout to create a relaxed environment.

For the shower room height customized shower room size, in general, ceiling height is 2.4M, so the height of the shower room are usually 180cm. Size can also be adjusted according to the family's height, in addition to pay attention to the location and shower quite, too easy to splash outwards, too high and obstacles.

The width of the shower room is based on the guaranteed use of the body can rotate freely, will not easily hit the glass wall. General shower size to 90cm * 90cm. If your family is fat or tall, it is recommended to do 100cm × 100cm; if the bathroom space is limited, made 85cm × 85cm of the line, but preferably not less than 80cm.

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