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How To Identify The Shower Is Glass Jan 10, 2017

Bathroom glass being self critical, but that does not mean there was no means to mitigate consumer harm, way is to paste the explosion-proof membrane. This sample prevents flying glass, it fundamentally reduces the damage of glass on the body.

Be careful when you choose the explosion-proof membrane, as selected by the international window film Association certification, with the production of safe explosion-proof membrane film qualification. Some main ingredients because the poor quality of PVC foil, not only unable to afford any protection when the accident occurred, but still contain toxic substances, long-term use can produce chronic damage.

How to identify whether you buy shower glass?

Industry recommendations when buying factory name, address and certificate, preferably 3C certification. Sure to select this range of products, not cheap. Recognition may be striking the glass if glass tinkling sound, then the glass is toughened glass, and vice versa because ordinary glass. After purchase, still require manufacturers to on-site installation, so as not to add critical factor due to improper installation.

Even tempered glass, also still have blast crisis. Bid to drop small shower room burst, consumers before using, can with hot water glass door for five minutes, and make sure not to continue to apply.