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Practical Multi-function Shower Room Installation Steps To Eliminate Security Risks Sep 23, 2017

Some people have said such a sentence: "the bathroom can not have a bathtub, but can not do without a full range of shower room." Multi-functional shower room looks exquisite, modern, it's diversified to show a wide range of styles, the shower room so quickly to conquer people, occupied the main bathroom space. What about the installation of the multi-function shower room?

Today to share with you under the practical multi-function shower room installation steps, remove your security risks, the specific steps are as follows:

1, to determine the location of the installation of the whole shower room, adjust the bottom of the basin foot screw, bottom basin to find a good level, then a good water pipe; and then the bottom of the basin water test to check whether there is leakage phenomenon. (If the installation is complete and then the water test, once found to leak, maintenance is more complex) to the backplane and shower screen with stainless steel screws fixed on the back of the basin.

2, assembled on both sides of the fixed piece, the same with stainless steel screws.

3, assembly front side of the shower screen fixed glass, the seal embedded in both sides of the glass and the frame to connect the cracks.

4, linked to the activities of the door, the assembly of the top cover, with special anti-mold glass adhesive edge. Access the power supply, try the computer section.

5, hot and cold water connection at the junction of 90 degrees pure copper elbow and wire connection to the water, to avoid the direct connection with the wire connection hose caused by poor water supply. Water supply trial, check whether the water leakage.

6, the water pipes into the sewer, with glass glue sealed around the mouth, the installation is completed.

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