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Shower Installation Of These Details Do Not Neglect, Every Point Is Particularly Important! Feb 09, 2018

Now a lot of people decoration, will be installed in the bathroom shower room. Shower room installation, help the separation of wet and dry bathroom, toilet is conducive to dry and clean, but we often hear the shower explosion news, many people are worried about the quality of the shower room is not a problem! In fact, there are quality reasons for the shower explosion, the installation is also a factor that can not be ignored. Decoration industry has such a sentence, one-third of products, seven installation. Visible the importance of shower installation! So, shower room installation considerations what? Let's take a look at shower room installation precautions!

Shower room installed three questions:

1, how much bathroom area to do shower room?

This issue does not have a fixed requirement, whether to install shower room in addition to the bathroom area, but also with the shape of the shower room. First of all, let's look at the bathroom area, under normal circumstances, the average family bathroom area of 3-7 square meters, and the market a common shape of the shower has a font, square, curved, diamond-shaped, etc., different shapes Suitable for different size bathroom.

In general, if the bathroom area is small and relatively long, you can install a shower door, bathroom width of 60 cm can be installed shower door; if you want to install a font sliding door, you need the bathroom on both sides of the wall distance of 1.2 More than meters; less than 1.2 meters is greater than 90 cm, it is recommended to do triple shower room! And if you plan to install a diamond-shaped or curved shower room, it is best to reserve more than 80 * 80 bathroom area.

2, what stage can be arranged shower room measurement?

Installation of shower room, first of all need to measure the installation area reserved for the bathroom, it is recommended that you do not measure too early, so after the installation of floor tiles and ceilings, the data may not be accurate. The best in the bathroom wall tiles, floor tiles are paved well after the measurement. If the shower room to be capped, then the ceiling is done, then measure the data!

3, when to arrange the retaining bar buried, when to install shower room?

The general shower room has a retaining bar, the best time to install the retaining bar is synchronized with the tile affixed, affixed to the tile, it smoothly to the retaining bar has also been done, the general decoration company will be covered with the project of the water strip; The installation of shower room, it is best after the big cleaning!

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