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This Cool Summer And HAOTAI Are A Cool Summer Experience. Jun 29, 2018

With the advent of high temperature summer, the "sauna day" has been ushered in all over the country. In the face of such hot weather, the only thing you believe you want to do after a busy day is to take a pleasant cool bath, cool the body in a high temperature, and wash away all the fatigue. At this moment, put aside all the tedious chores and give yourself a quiet time.

To enjoy a bath experience for the bath, it is no doubt the best choice in a high quality shower room. HAOTAI is a bright pearl on the mountain with a clear space imagination. It is the Kachin glacier located on the south slope of the Shandong section of yachan Tanggula, which will be straight, square, cold and resolute. The Department merged into one, turned into the ideal of life, inherited the same beautiful beautiful distance. L's handle is not a glass door, it is a feeling of heartbeat.

Using 304 stainless steel, the surface of the dumb light is long wearable and delicate, and the hardware parts are all cast and molded. After many times grinding and polishing, it is round and smooth and has a rich sense of hierarchy. The shapes of the parts, such as the hinge, the wall clip, the pull hand, the pull rod and so on are mutually echoing, and the appearance is completely integrated, especially with the sharp angle, the relaxation and the ease of holding. Holding and pushing; the series of 10mm crystal super white glass, outside the explosion-proof film, safety and reliability; hinges for stainless steel pendulous use decorative outer cover, adjustable, easy dismantling, hide the screws; the glass opening position using anti falling elastic rubber ring, so that the movable door can bear strong gravity, not droop; door and fixing The glass adopts the organ type waterproof adhesive strip, the door and the solid glass are mounted on the suction magnetic strip; the wall clamping wall is additionally provided with the bubble rubber strip; the dry wet separation is not leak.

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