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What Kind Of Shower Door Is Good? Dec 28, 2017

With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more people ask for toilet dry and wet separation when decorating. Dry and wet separation not only prolongs the life of sanitary ware, but also prevents the emergence of bacteria caused by humidity in bathroom. People are drying and wet separation between the bathroom, often in the bathroom to install a shower door, then, do you know what are the styles of the shower gate? Is it good to open the door or push the door?


Frame type VS frameless

The shower door is divided into two types, which are frame and frame without frame. The framed shower door, as the name implies, means that the door is surrounded by outer frames, and the frame material is mainly made of aluminum or aluminum titanium alloy, which is more economical and practical. But because of the thick structural lines, it is easy to cause visual segmentation and oppression.

In contrast, Frameless Shower door, is a more modern lightweight design, it does not change the traditional frame material, metal rod, hinge fixed shape, neat appearance, with modern feeling, can maintain the permeability of the space and light, but the price is relatively high.


Push and pull door VS open door

In general, the shower door can be divided into two types: push and pull the door and open the door. Sliding door and door which is good this is often discussed, we suggest that at the time of purchase, considering the space to determine the size of door type, if the bathroom space is limited, select the slide door can save space; second is to open the door and pushed the door in the bathroom type, suitable for a small number of Ping. Not occupy space, and can avoid the water drops into the dry ground; in addition to anti push mode requires ample space enough, will not cause the traffic inconvenience.

Design the shower door according to the shape of the shower room

The shower door is just a part of a shower room, shower door design is often designed according to the shape of the shower room, shower room and the shape is according to the size of the bathroom and to determine the shape, shape our common shower room includes a type, L type, arc, five angle and bathtub type. Each shower room of the shower door design requirements are different.


77.jpg character type

   If the number of bathroom floors is limited, the one way shower door is the least way to occupy the space. If the demand can be matched with two door, three door or push door design, even small space, it can achieve the dream of dry wet separation bathroom.

2.L type

   A L shower door is set up in the space corner. It is also a common classic style on the market. Transparent glass material can make the vision keep open and open. There is no need to worry about causing space oppression.



3.circular arc

  With arc door as door design, streamline arc modeling does not take up too much space, and its appearance is simple and beautiful. The way of door opening is mainly based on rail door, with many restrictions on it.

4.five angle type

   The five angle shower room, also known as the diamond shower room, is equipped with glass sliding doors in the middle. The two sides are combined with glass as the compartments. The scale is more spacious, like diamond cutting modeling, generous and modern fashion sense, and enhance the texture of bathroom space.


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